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eLearning Guild Award

Who is eLearning Joe

Joe Ganci is President of eLearning Joe, LLC, a consulting and training eLearning company located outside of Washington, D.C. Joe has been involved in every aspect of eLearning development since 1983.


What does Joe do?

  1. Contact Joe to get your own personalized world class customized workshop. You will get access to one of the worlds most experienced developers/instructors who has a wealth of knowledge for you to access.
  2. Joe provides consulting services at every level, assisting organizations that are just getting started to help them avoid costly mistakes and helping organizations that have been creating eLearning for a long time to improve their processes.
  3. ...
  4. He uses and researches eLearning development tools. His reviews are published monthly in Learning Solutions Magazine ( He loves working with new tools and knowing the strengths and weaknesses of each.
  5. He teaches classes and seminars all over the world at client sites, and has spoken at many industry conferences in the United States, Canada and Europe. Check the Events tab above.
  6. Joe is also a published author, having written several books and articles about eLearning.
  7. He is widely considered a guru for his expertise in eLearning development and is on a mission to improve the quality of eLearning everywhere.



eLearning Consulting

Are you confused about which process to use? Perplexed by all the different eLearning development tools? Have you found that the eLearning you’ve created has met with less than stellar express?

Joe has seen it all. He has talked with many who have found that the eLearning that they have to take in their organizations is boring and ineffective. What’s the point of eLearning if employees aren’t learning? That’s just a waste of time and money and causes eLearning to sometimes be maligned, but that’s a bit like saying all classroom teaching is useless because there are bad teachers out there.

It’s too easy to make mistakes in the process of creating eLearning. One of Joe’s most popular seminars has been The Top 10 Blunders in Creating eLearning (And How to Avoid Them). It resonates with those who have already created eLearning because there are many traps in the process.

Joe will be happy to analyze your organization’s needs and follow up with a Recommendations document customized to your needs, written especially for you.

eLearning Design & Development

  • 31 years of experience.
  • I can help set you up with the appropriate training to enable your organization to build effective eLearning/mLearning courses.
  • Comes with an International reputation as an expert in eLearning and development.
  • Need to make mandatory training for employees more fun. Joe has some excellent ideas for you.
  • Need more information, you can email Joe or fill in this form for a more detail customized follow up.

Trainer of Tools

  • Take the time to read testimonials from people who have benefited from Joe's class or his work.
  • Adobe Captivate
  • Articulate Storyline
  • Allen Interactions ZebraZapps
  • Adobe Presenter
  • iSpring Suite
  • Allen Interactions ZebraZapps
  • New courses always being offered. Check out the events page.

Reviewer & Writer

  • Eventually there will be new books to list here
  • Meanwhile, an easy-to-update, attractive list of older books (Authorware and JavaScript), and also my most recent article links at the Learning Solutions Magazine site.
  • Perhaps links to my Club Joe newsletters, now on haitus, but perhaps it makes sense to restart it IF you guys can help me figure out an easy aggregator because I don’t have hours to spend creating one each week. I’ve seen some around. Which do you think is best? OR see #8 below instead.

Certifications and Memberships

  • Board Member, Training Magazine's Training ConferencGuild Award
  • Board Member, CLO 2014 Business Intelligence Board
  • Member, Adobe Captivate Advisory Board
  • Member, Adobe eLearning Advisory Board
  • Chief Learning Officer 2014 Business Intelligence Board
  • Adobe Captivate Certified Expert
  • E-Learning Guild Member, Writer, Speaker, Workshop Leader, Research Member
  • Past President, Washington Area Macromedia Organization
  • Society for Applied Learning Technologies